By using transparent screens combined with padded absorbers, Clearsonic products reduce the sound from loud instruments ...

Bespoke design

Our extensive in-house skills sets Ashdown AV apart from most audio visual companies, contact us if you have requirement that are out of the ordinary.

Control Systems

As audio visual equipment becomes more sophisticated, it also becomes more complex to control....

Digital Signage

Digital signage is the term used to describe electronic noticeboards used to communicate messages to ....

Hearing assistance

Loops can be fitted in many places including at reception desks, in auditoria, living rooms and even as part of intercom systems....

Interactive Learning Technology

We have experience of working with most ILT systems and can assist educators to choose the most suitable arrangements for their setting.

Maintenance and Support

Our engineers provide support & maintenance for many of our clients including in settings where did not originally install the equipment.

Outdoor Systems

Providing audio visual systems outdoors creates many challenges, we have installed a number of systems for clients outside homes or public buildings.

Signal Distribution

In some settings a complex network of cables & RF amplifiers, splitters, switches and other specialist equipmen may be needed....


We have many years experience of installing sound systems in a number of different settings

Systems Integration

We can offer expertise in bringing together the control of sound, visual information, lighting and even temperature control in one place.


We have experience of working with both projected images and those produced using formats such as LCD, LED and Plasma technology