Professional bodies and accreditation

Ashdown Audio Visual is an Enterprise Partner of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and our staff are all members of the Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers (ISCVE) which amongst a number of aspects has provided all of our installation staff with qualifications to install and test hearing loops to meet the BS EN 60118-4:2015 standard. We also have ISO 9001 status which we first obtained in 2015 and this certification which is re-assessed on an annual basis provides a framework for companies who want to ensure that their products and services meet anticipated customers’ requirements, and that quality is consistently improved. Our award in May 2020 to become a member of the Kent Commercial Services (KCS) Audio Visual Solutions – Y2003 procurement framework enables all public sector agencies along with charities and other agencies to place orders with us for Audio Visual services and supplies without running lengthy full tendering exercises.

Commercial Suppliers

As a company we work hard to establish strong contacts with a range of suppliers so that when we are seeking to obtain products or understand how the products operate, we can speak to the designers rather than having to work through a series of communication mechanisms. The list below includes a small number of our commercial suppliers and explains some of the elements of our connections.


As a dynamic audio-visual engineering company with a highly experienced team of designers and engineers we are committed to ensuring our staff benefit from the best training we can organise, enabling us to work as effectively as possible for our clients. We focus primarily on developing technical competence and building long-term relationships with our clients. Every one of our engineering staff is a skilled professional in their area of discipline and we are committed to maintaining a caring, listening attitude towards our clients and the skilful application of appropriate technology. Our clients are our most important asset and we’re serious about pleasing them. Our skill set includes sound, vision, lighting, IT (hardware and software), radio, electrical and mechanical engineering, and we enjoy the challenge of building systems around real people using the best technology available.


ISO 9001 : 2015 This widely recognised standard is designed to create an ordered work environment, helping our staff team to know exactly who does what, when and how. This saves time and cost by reducing mistakes and helps us to improve our customer service.

KCS Audio Visual Solutions – Y2003 procurement framework We have been operating in a range of public sector situations over the last 15 years since we formed as a company. However occasionally our lack of a procurement framework accreditation has led to delays and extra work by ourselves and our potential clients. We were delighted in May 2015 to be approved by KCS as one of their small number of Audio Visual suppliers and we look forward to enabling future clients

We were delighted to be the first Audio Visual Company in the UK to be accepted as an Enterprise Partner by the IET who are a body that help to improve the standing of Technicians and Engineers across the world. They provide training and educational resources for people at all levels of the engineering profession. When we first joined the IET as a company there were less than 30 Enterprise Partners. Today there are nearly four times as many and we are delighted to remain a valuable part of their agency.

All of our team are members of the ISCVE and along with our benefits in terms of the training that the agency provides, some of our more experienced and well qualified staff also help to deliver training for this establishment. One of our top priorities is to ensure that the Hearing Loop Systems that are provided by our industry are fit for purpose. In that case all of us have benefited from participating in the ISCVE Assessment Scheme which judges us to be competent and trained in the latest techniques and practices for installing the technology.


ExtronAshdown Audio Visual is an accredited platinum reseller for the Extron range of electronics. Most of our engineers and technicians along with Peter Roe (MD) and Ian Chisnall (Sales) have qualified as AV Associates and Mark Faulks is also one of the few Authorised Programmers in the UK which means we can supply and programme the entire range of Extron products.

untitled (219)Ashdown AV is an authorised dealer for Control 4 which enables individuals and their families to control all aspects of their home from anywhere, using smartphone, tablet, PC, touch screen, remote or keypad.




signature badgeWe have been an accredited reseller for the Sahara Clevertouch range of products for many years. Clevertouch is an interactive touchscreen system used in Schools, Universities and a wide range of training settings. We are very experienced in its use and have a strong relationship with the team at Sahara.

The first interactive classroom based product we were ever asked to supply was a Promethean Activboard. Since then we have supplied their ranges of boards and panels on many occasions. We are delighted that earlier on in 2017 they agreed to appoint us as a Silver partner to help us to promote the Promethean brand and in recognition of our commitment to their brand.

We are an accredited partner of SMART technologies, do please contact us if you wish to find out more about their extensive range of products. Both educational and entrerprise.

On the 1st June 2018 Canon chose to limit access to their projector range to companies that are professional partners such as Ashdown Audio Visual.