Model LS (In-room)

The Model LS In-room speaker series consists of the truly unique Model LS Concert grand speaker and two different rear-firing boundary woofers.


Model LS Concert

The Model LS Concert combines technologies from two of Steinway Lyngdorf’s most popular speakers: the dipole technology from the flagship Model D and the line source technology from the Model LS. Created as an open-baffle dipole line source, the Model LS Concert speaker provides the ultimate in audio experiences.

Without a conventional cabinet, the Model LS Concert open-baffle speaker interacts with the room much as a musical instrument would, resulting in extremely open and life-like musicality. At the same time, the line source construction allows sound to propagate over long distances. In practice, it is almost impossible to detect any change in volume level and audio quality from the front to the rear of the room.

“The Model LS Concert started out as a sketch in my notebook and was something I dreamt about creating for several years. The idea of combining a dipole speaker with the line source principle would allow me to create not only a truly unique and immensely powerful speaker, but something that aesthetically fills the room with its physical presence.” Peter Lyngdorf, Founder.

The Model LS Concert is designed so it can be part of a powerful stereo system or a multi-channel system by combining the Model LS Concert speakers with Steinway Lyngdorf’s range of sound processors, amplifiers and other speaker collections. As always, every Steinway Lyngdorf system benefits from the combination of proprietary RoomPerfect™ technology and fully digital amplification allowing pure sound to be realized perfectly in acoustically imperfect real-world environments.

Model LS-R210 and LS-R212 Boundary Woofers

Steinway Lyngdorf´s proprietary boundary woofer technology replaces the standard subwoofer. With our technology, the woofers are separated from the main speakers and placed in the front corners. The result is dramatically improved attack and timing. Now both direct sound and first reflections arrive simultaneously at the listening position for tighter and cleaner sound.

The In-room LS-R210 and LS-R212 boundary woofers are both rear-firing, meaning that the twin woofers play up against the back wall. The design and performance of these woofers is as pristine and as perfect as you would expect from Steinway Lyngdorf. The cabinets are large enough for powerful performance but small and discreet enough to complement your interior design, not compete against it. They are available in either high gloss black or white and a neutral matte black.