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Providing effective Audio Visual Solutions in boardrooms, offices and factories can improve the profitability of businesses by strengthening internal and external communications. The use of modern learning technology can also assist businesses to ensure that the best ideas make it off the drawing board successfully and onto the production line.

At Ashdown AV we are very familiar with the need to invest to grow your business. We have worked with clients in high tech and traditional industries alike. Let us advise your business on how you can utilise sound and visual technology to their best effect.

Conference and meeting rooms

The challenge of providing coherent sound and visual information in meeting rooms, particularly those with moveable furniture and partitions that allow the space to be used in a creative way cannot be underestimated. We can assist you by creating systems that can operate in an autonomous way or be linked together. Modern wireless technology is a great asset, but it has its limitations, we can ensure that you have what you need where you need it and that even when wireless systems fail, that there is a backup plan.

Dynamic communication systems

Audible communication across the whole of your site, in specific buildings or even areas within a building may be necessary as part of evacuation arrangements as well as a very useful way of ensuring that all employees are kept informed on matters of critical importance. The verbal messages can also be reinforced and enhanced through visual screens installed across the site. We have extensive experience of providing systems for a range of clients. We would be delighted to help you too!