Universities audio visual

Universities & Colleges

Universities and further education institutions rely extensively on the ability to provide appropriate sound and visual information for students both on the campus in lecture theaters ans seminar rooms as well as off-site as part of hybrid learning situations.

Ashdown AV has worked with Colleges and Universities nearly two decades, installing learning technology in lecture theatres as well as providing equipment within main halls, corridors and even out of doors sound and visual displays.

Lecture theatres and auditoria

Large spaces need sound and visual systems that can reach the edges of the room ensuring that everyone can see and hear with the same clarity as those sitting on the front row. Ashdown AV can ensure that your sound systems, projectors and screens, lighting and even temperature settings ares integrated through systems that allow users with minimal training to control the whole area. We can also provide the technology needed to relay sound and video systems from other institutions anywhere in the world.

Reception areas and corridors

You can ensure that all of your visitors receive a warm welcome through the use of appropriate ambient music and digital signage. The right choice of music and visual messages can be used to communicate your organisation’s values.

Maintenance support

Although many learning institutions have extensive on site staff, where this is not the case, or where your own team is unable to carry out all of the maintenance at critical times, we are happy to work with you to supplement and extend your own resources.  We have been contracted to the University of Brighton to maintain all of their audio-visual systems across all sites since 2017, winning and renewing a 5 year agreement.