Buildings with a number of rooms that allow events to take place, with large plenary spaces and smaller break out facilities. It is vital that your investment in Audio Visual equipment provides you with a system that retains all of the power and impact needed for the large one off events whilst ensuring that the weekly community group meetings can take place without a hitch.

The Ashdown AV team has the skills and experience to provide you with a system that will be simple to use on the occasions when the in house sound engineer is on holiday, whist expanding to meet their aspirations when you want to showcase your venue to visitors and hirers.

Auditoria and large meeting rooms

Large spaces need sound and visual systems that can reach the edges of the room ensuring that everyone can see and hear with the same clarity as those sitting on the front row, whilst ensuring that no one needs to endure an unpleasantly loud sound. The equipment needs to facilitate intimate unplugged events as well as to sustain the sound levels generated by musicians using a range of electronic devices. Ashdown AV can ensure that your sound systems, projectors and screens, lighting and even temperature control is integrated together through control systems that allow users with modest training to run the whole building.

Overflow areas

All venues have limits and overflow areas can enable people who would not or cannot be part of the main event to still hear and see all that is going on. We can help construct distribution systems that will relay sound and video systems into other rooms or even across Continents.

Smaller rooms and breakout areas

The challenge of providing coherent sound and visual information in rooms with moveable furniture and partitions that allow the space to be used in a creative way cannot be underestimated. We can assist you by creating systems that can operate in an autonomous way or be linked together. Modern wireless technology is a great asset, but it has its limitations and the challenge of creating effective hearing assistance systems in space that is to be used flexibly needs to be considered carefully.

Reception areas

You can ensure that all of your visitors receive a warm welcome through the use of appropriate ambient music and digital signage which can also be used to communicate your organisations values. The same equipment can also be used to encourage them to return again.

Keeping all of your equipment under control

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – allow Ashdown AV to ensure that along with the capacity of each area or room in your centre, that there is a place within the building from where the major features can be controlled without staff members needing to walk unnecessarily long distances each day.

Maintenance support

We are pleased to work with our clients on an ongoing basis ensuring that your equipment is well maintained and you can plan for any replacement items in a orderly manner.