Individually, some of our engineers have as long as 30 years personal experience working within places of worship, installing equipment and running live events. Technology in worship needs to be effective and unobtrusive as well as easy to operate within the parameters of the style required. It is vital that those providing the hands on operations each week understand the way in which the equipment can aid worship if used appropriately. As well as designing and installing sound and visual systems, we are always willing to provide training for volunteers who want to get the best out of the equipment installed in their setting. In designing systems for places of worship we recommend consideration of the following:

Hearing Loops

sound-loop-system-largeIf all present are to hear the words and any music as well as possible, it is vital to consider the needs of people whose hearing is impaired and who could benefit from a well designed and installed loop system.  More

Sound amplification equipment

The shape and size of the building being used for worship, along with the expected content of speech, sung words and musical instruments will help to determine the design and cost of the system we would recommend, along with the expertise needed to operate the equipment recommended.

Acoustic Screens

In large auditoria, where amplified music and drum kits are in use, the challenge of ensuring the sound of the drum kit does not overpower the other musical instruments and voices can be greatly assisted through the use of an acoustic screen.

Visual Presentation Equipment

Increasingly places of worship are making use of visual information as part of the meetings. Even in very traditional settings, we have been able to ensure that words and images can be projected in a manner that doesn’t detract from the setting, when the equipment is not in use.

Digital Signage

We are able to provide suitable equipment to ensure that visitors to your building are able to read your words and see any images you may want to present, whenever the building is open. The system is designed to be easily updated from whichever location is most convenient. More