Education, Loops and Special Educational Needs

The weeks has been a bit of a mix for the company, with time spent testing a large number of Audio Frequency Induction Loops in Surrey as part of the annual maintenance for the County Council; An important sound system installation  for a local Special Educational Needs school and a strategic meeting with one of our local Universities to see how we can work together more effectively in the need to provide training for our own staff, mentoring for some of their students and to better understand the opportunities presented by the Governments Apprenticeship Levy scheme. On top of this we have also been rack building for one of this Summers projects at another University. We are currently not large enough to pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, but can still take advantage of the discounted training available to all Companies once the scheme is fully up and running. Taking the time to meet with senior educators is a big commitment on both our part and theirs, but the potential gain is huge for both organisations.