Peter Roe

Prior to working full-time for Ashdown AV, Peter worked with multimedia technologies for eighteen years, including fixed and mobile telecoms and data networks, audio, data and video transmission, hardware and software design and radio systems consultancy.
As a senior technical consultant to Ericsson UK he was responsible for areas of strategic development for multimedia over mobile telecoms and represented Ericsson on the technical advisory panel to the DTI regarding 3rd generation (3G) mobile networks.  At various times he has been the technical lead in the design of elements of all the UK mobile networks, and was responsible for end-to-end technical design for the complete GSM networks on Guernsey and the Isle of Man.
The combination of Peter’s experience and the business of Ashdown AV has enabled the creation of a highly credible AV organisation, with a thorough grounding in both the technical and project management capabilities needed to deliver innovative and complex projects on time and within budget.