Blood Donor extraordinaire and acoustic expertise

The intention of writing a weekly or thereabouts news comment on this website is to ensure than when our clients or prospective clients check out the website, they can see we are more than a hang and bang company. Most of the items on the list below relate to our AV installation work, however occasionally another element of the business is worthy of note. This week two bits of news crossed our path. The first was that Irish TV and Radio Presenter Craig Doyle was photographed doing a voice over using the Clearsonic Sorber panels to help provide a clean acoustic environment in what appears to be his lounge. We are the sole UK distributor for the Clearsonic range. The second is that Ken Starnes who looks after our accounts and procurement hit a major milestone in his blood donations and gave his 100th donation. We are very proud of Ken and none of the team are anywhere close to his achievements so he will be our star performer when it comes to phlebotomy for many years to come!