Beauty and the Bose

Ashdown Hi Res (1 of 33)Over the last two weeks we have been involved in a couple of demonstrations of Bose speakers for churches in the Eastbourne area of Sussex. The first was in a tiny village between Lewes and Eastbourne. The interior of the Church is really gorgeous and the vicar and his colleagues were thrilled with the sound of the system we are recommending. They are now keen to know how we will install the speakers cables without impacting the listed interior of their place of worship, a skill we have honed over many years. Then this week we demonstrated some different Bose speakers in a much bigger and grander church in the centre of Eastbourne. Once again the church was lovely inside as commented on by someone who visited on behalf of the Diocese. In this case however the challenge was as much a matter of scale as of discrete installation. One of the people who was present during the demonstration, Katherine Prior stated afterwards “Loved those columns speakers – the sound was amazing!”. One of our specialities with the MA12 column speakers is a speaker bracket which we have designed ourselves to ensure they fit snug against columns. When our contact from Bose popped in to collect the speakers yesterday he mentioned that photos of our installation at St Mary’s Ashford including the one above were featured on the Bose stand at Infocomm earlier this month in Orlando Florida. That installation was the first design that included our special brackets! It is always nice to know our suppliers are willing to promote our handiwork on their trade stand!