A great start to 2019

At the beginning of this year we have had a number of exciting activities taking place, the one in the photo is less to do with our hard work and everything to do with the marking of Christmas and the New Year. One of our annual activities is to invite all of our staff and their families to a Pantomine in Eastbourne followed by a meal together. This year nearly 40 of use went to watch Cinderella which was the biggest visit to date. However our other incidents are a bit more down to earth with a major piece of work for All Saints Church in Lindfield which is the culmination of many years of preparation and minor additions to their previous arrangements, but this year we are installing an extensive new Audio Visual system to complete the major re-ordering that they have been working on throughout the Autumn and even late Summer last year. In addition we have a number of small jobs we have been undertaking since the year began and moving forward this week such as fitting out a training room for Bluebell Railway and some work for Merland Rise Church in Surrey.